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Where You Go

I will go. Where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people. And Your God will be my God.
— Ruth 1:16


Special Note: Kelry Kirschenmann's hand on the left! I could have edited it out, but she truly had such a hand in our wedding (literally and figuratively!) and has been such a support and voice of truth in our relationship, along with her husband, Tim Kirsch, that it only felt right to leave it in.

We love you, Kelry! (And it’s Kelry’s birthday tomorrow! On Fourth of July.)


Anthony, I love you forever. And I’m so grateful that we got married, so I really can go where you go and stay where you stay — even in the same room and the same bed! — for the rest of our lives. And most importantly, I’m grateful that Your God is my God forever.

Thank You, Jesus, for bringing us together and for keeping us in Your hand.


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