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As Seen on TV.

While some people have told me they've seen the billboards I'm on (identical billboards in North Hollywood and in Brea), at least one of my friends has seen me in this commercial on TV! It's always fun to get texted phone videos of myself on people's TV screens. "As seen on TV!" Ha.

While I respond in this commercial to my "friend's" physical pain with the suggestion to “call Jacob,” in reality, I believe the first person we should call when in pain is Jesus!

He always cares, and He is ready and able to heal. Never be afraid to pray on the spot when someone mentions a need! (When it comes to physical pain, I also recommend stretches, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory nutrition; God created our bodies with remarkable ability to recover when we treat them well.)

And, if you're looking for some compensation, calling Jacob probably wouldn’t be a bad idea either 😉

A few misheard and misunderstood pronunciations of Jacob's name:

1. That it’s two people, “Jacob and Ronnie,” as my fellow actress and I show here.

2. That it’s Jacob “Armani” (fancy).

3. That it’s Jacob “Edamame” (healthy), which the real Jacob — whose name is actually Jacob Emrani — finds especially comical.

As Jacob says, “I don’t care what you call me … just call me!”

In the same way, you can call on the name of Jesus, whether you prefer to call him Yeshua, the Son of the Living God, the Lion, the Lamb, the Lord, or Love Himself.

Just so long as you call Him something respectful and biblical, go ahead and call on the Name of Jesus!

As Isaiah 55 says, “Seek the Lord while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near.”

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Cute commercial 😀

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