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Some ladies worry a *ton* about this. Is he too old? Is he too young? What if we come from different backgrounds? Does it matter that he isn’t as financially stable as I’d hoped?

I get plenty of questions and prayer requests from young women who aren’t sure if this guy in their life is their future husband or something else — a good friend, someone to admire from afar, or a threat to get far away from.

The truth is, God can do anything. Often, emotional intelligence and maturity level are more important than calendar age. Your backgrounds are always less important than your destinations. And while financial stability is desirable, it can come after the wedding if you’re both on the path of obedience.

The most important thing, far above any of that, is receiving clarity from the Lord that this guy is the one for you.

Just like how Jesus showed John at the cross that now Mary was his mother and told Mary “this is your son,” God is so good at showing us who people are to us (John 19:26-27).

God will show you if this guy is just someone in your life who is anointed to bless you for a season, to inspire you and encourage you as a friend and maybe to even pray for you because of what he carries in the Spirit… if, alternatively, he is being used by the enemy as a distraction from your calling and you need to cut him off... or if he is, indeed, the one.

For me, God clearly showed me through signs, wonders and prophecies fulfilled that Anthony Salerno was my future husband, presented to me by the Father, rather than just a flirty California boy or a producer who I worked really well with. And that, in contrast, my other guy friends and male acquaintances are meant to be friends, inspirers and encouragers for me. God’s clarity gave me peace and confidence to let myself fall in love with the man who became my husband and to make a forever commitment without looking back.

For all the women out there who are struggling with determining the roles of different guys in your lives, I pray the Lord helps you to guard your heart so you are free to walk in wisdom as He reveals step-by-step and bit by bit, each person’s ordained position in your life.

Also, I encourage you to ask God to do “the John 19:26-27 thing” for you. Our Heavenly Father is eager to show you who people are to you, and He wants to show His glory in your life. He wants you to experience His very very best. No road blocks, no detours, no distractions — just pure and passionate love.

Let the One who designed you show you who is the one for you.


For the married folks out there, how did God show you — or give you peace to choose — that the person you married was "the one?" For all the single ladies (and men), how does this message hit you? What questions do you still have?

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