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Marching Forth: Soft Launch Today of Grandmas for God

Today, we are grateful and filled with hope as we announce the soft launch of something we’ve been dreaming about for a while — Grandmas for God.

This network is committed to supporting and empowering Christian grandmothers in their calling to reach the next generation for Christ. Christian grandmas have a wealth of wisdom to pass on, and man — woman! — can they PRAY. 😳🙏🔥 However, their crucial role and power-packed value is not always recognized. And there aren’t a ton of consistent support systems specifically dedicated to helping grandmas make a lasting impact in their grandkids’ lives.

So, Christian grandmas, we are here for you!

In the coming months, we plan to fully launch our website at Grandmas for God .org and/or .com, but for now, you can learn more — and sign up to receive updates! — at We’d love to have you take a look to check out more of what we’re about. Please share with any Christian grandmas you know! And if you’re a Christian grandma yourself, we’d love to have you “sign up and be counted” as a Grandma for God.

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Thank you so much! Loretta “Lori” Phipps. ♥️

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