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Tiffany officially named children's minister at Mt Baldy Village Church

Photo from a special children's day we had at the church in April 2021.

Today marks a big day for me at Mt Baldy Village Church!

I have served with the Mt Baldy kids somewhat for a couple of years and have led them consistently, taking on the role of children's minister, for about a year.

At first when I stepped into the role, we hardly had any kids, as people were being careful during the lockdowns. Then in summer 2021, I started working every week with the kids and even co-led Vacation Bible School with Anthony in a curriculum we wrote.

(The summer before that, when Anthony, who is Mt Baldy Village Church's worship minister, and I were just dating, I visited as a guest children's worship leader. During the time, I was also serving regularly in my Hollywood church, Radiance International. So from Mt Baldy VBS guest leader to co-writer and co-leader was a leap in itself!)

Still, even though Pastor Ron had invited me to be the Mt Baldy church's children's minister and had casually referred to me as such, I couldn't be formally instated into the position because that could only happen at an annual congregational meeting, which we did not have last year due to covid.

Finally, today, I got officially named, in an unanimous vote, as the children's director of Mt Baldy Village Church!

Today, we had one first-time kid, another kid who hadn't come in a long time, and three regulars. I look forward to seeing the ministry grow and coming alongside the kids as they come to know Jesus in a deeper way.

I enjoy serving the children at Mt Baldy and helping them come to know the Lord in fun ways. It is an honor and a calling, and I feel aligned with my purpose as I work for the Lord in this role.

Onward & upward! Mt Baldy Kids, let's go! 😃

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