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Princess Prayer

True royalty is about operating as sons and daughters of the living God, the King of Kings. He intended us to reign in this world through partnership with Him.

Fear makes us slaves, but God adopts us into a life of freedom in Christ. We may not live in a castle, but we are called to co-create with God and build His Kingdom right here on earth! What a privilege.

It was a delight to pray over Aurora (in the pink dress) and many other little girls at her Princess Worship birthday party. I love doing Christian princess parties! Not only is it a fun opportunity to wear a tiara and live my “best princess life,” but more importantly it’s a time to

instill truths in young girls about who they are created to be in Christ.

Being God’s princess is not a narcissistic mindset of being better than anyone else; as we discussed at the party, being a true princess is about having the character of a princess: being kind and loyal, and obedient to your parents.

In fact, the Bible says that God *crowns* the *humble* (Psalm 149:4).

Girls, if you are willing to come to Christ in humility and let Him shape your identity, He will polish you into the precious jewel you were always made to be. Don’t let anyone or anything steal your shine; you are God’s royal princesses, now and forever. Only believe. 🕊️

PS: Anthony didn’t even know I was writing this post and he just now reached for my hand and said, “I love you, little princess. You’re my heartbeat.”

🤯 (the timing of that compliment!)

For more info about our Princess Worship parties, contact us. We are available now to book for birthdays, holidays, adoption anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Live royal every day.

Party Host: Kristin Saito, writer for

Pasadena, California

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