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Note: This blog post was originally published July 27, 2020, on Tiffany's previous blog. As this was one of her top posts, Tiffany has added it here to her new blog with Anthony.


In my dream last night, a girl whose headshots I was taking gave me a valuable word.

I dreamed I was assigned to take photos of a girl who worked in a department store. As I was about to walk with her to a good photo op spot, I noticed a book that said “Radiant Light.”

It was blue and white with stylized stars reminiscent of snowflakes. The girl and I walked to a nearby area where I could take her photo. As I was setting up the shot, I noticed she was so beautiful and I told her so. She said she wasn’t even wearing any makeup that day, but I recognized that she looked so naturally beautiful. Then I remembered the book and said, “You must be reading that ‘Radiant Light’ book.”

She told me, “It’s the Bible.” (!)

The Bible is what was making her beautiful!

The Word of God says, “Those who look to Him, their faces will be radiant” (Psalm 34:5). Truly, the book that fills us with radiant light — overflowing until we glow from within — is the Holy Bible. Let His Scriptures refine you, sloughing off what is old and dead, and making you shine from the inside in a way that is visible to others.

I have actually experienced having a visible facial glow from worshipping God. Other people even commented to me one time that my face was glowing, and that wasn’t even from being at an “anointed” worship event — it was just me worshipping in my hotel room by myself!

Another testimony — I complimented a girl on her skin at Navah Church KC (back when it was called The Boiler Room). She shared with me that she actually used to have acne but she started declaring the Bible verse, “Those who look to Him, their faces will be radiant.” She said she also started eating cleaner but she was pretty sure the primary change was from her prayer time and declaring the Scripture to God.

(Maybe, when she started declaring that verse, He started guiding her to healthier food choices. His Word works in our lives through both faith and action, prayer and obedience.)

Worship God and seek Him through His Word. Look to Him, declare His Word and you will be radiant.

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